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Components and equipment

for power plants


Marine energy equipment


Complex supply







Spare parts for propulsion machines, auxiliary engines. Mounted equipment, boilers and their components. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), Russian River Register (RRR).



High-quality spare parts for post-guarantee maintenance of construction and road-building machines of the well-known brands. Genuine spare parts. OEM. Replacements.



Spare parts used for post-guarantee service of drilling rigs made in PRC.


Spare parts for units used for screening, cyanidation and froth flotation.



Spare parts for diesel and gas-fueled power units, trunking power plants.



Spare parts for machinery used in quarry.


Pump assembly and their components. Offer of equivalents.



Maintenance and overhauling of pump, compressor equipment. Own producing of gaskets, sleeves, rubber products. Approved RRR, RS.



Comprehensive consumables supply for machinery. Filters, belts. Genuine. OEM. Replacement.


Ладога, судно, запчасти

Ladoga is the lake, from which the river Neva flows. On its banks stands Saint Petersburg and it is the homeland of the Company. But the name of the organization refers not only its location. Also the Company founders worked in this type of vessel.


Ladoga company was founded in 2001. 

The first activity of the Company was supply of spare parts during navigation term. The Company organizes urgent supply to benefit shipowner requirement for the maintenance

of their vessels.


Supply of spare parts for power plants was evolved simultaneously with this activity.

Since 2003 the Company has been responding to shipowner requests in winter ship-repairing seasons. It ensures timely delivery of spare parts for maintenance, middle and major overhauling according to RRR requirements.

At that time activity on the market of spare parts for marine vessels was enhanced. All supplied products conform to RS requirements.

Delivery area of the Company grew up significantly in 2004-2006. The organization developed its export activity.


In order to carry out urgent maintenance and supply of gaskets, rubber products and other small details the Company organized its own manufacture in 2005. Since that time it is one of the substantial departments of the Company. At present this branch of Ladoga Company has several approvals of RRR and RS, which are regularly renewed.

In 2010-2012 the organization started new activity to meet demand of changing market. It takes part in bidding processes to complete orders of public and commercial procurements.

In 2014 the Company enters the market of spare parts for drilling rigs and machinery for quarry. 

Two years later Ladoga Company obtained the quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2015.


This year the organization includes supply of spare parts for mining and enrichment plants.

Ladoga company unites professional team and indispensable attention to customer’s needs. 

The matter is in the details!


Martynova emb., 6, St. Petersburg, 197110, Russia


tel.:  +7 (812) 318-30-70